Centre Les Labadous is an excellent base for excursions, sights to visit, attractions of many kinds, both local and regional. Top on the list of many guests are:

  • Rennes-le-Château: A legendary village of charm, within walking distance, with nice restaurants and cultural events (during the summer season)
  • Pech Bugarach: The highest peak (1230 m) of the Corbières stands just a few kilometres east of Les Labadous. This imposing mountain offers great hikes and views, as well as many fabulous tales. Go soaring with eagles and vultures!

    La Fontaine des Amours

    La Fontaine des Amours

  • Fontaine des Amours: An idyllic option, one of several, for dipping in cool water in the summertime.
  • Rennes-les-Bains has inviting hot springs for bathing all year round.
  • Quiet trails around Les Labadou take you to explore local caves, some with spiritual energy, all great for meditation.


  • Nebias: Walk through the fairy magic of a green labyrinth crafted by limestone erosion and forest growth. Less than 30 minutes by car from Les Labadous.Or you simply stay in the park at Centre Les Labadous, lounging below the trees or sitting on a log next to our quiet little stream, to meet the dwarfs in the morning mist or evening twilight…